Multigrain Burger Buns (pack of 2)


Multigrain burger buns are far healthier than regular burger buns made from plain flour or maida. Our Multigrain burger buns are made to make a healthy filling to go with this. We’ve added wheat, buckwheat, oats flour, sunflower seeds in our Multigrain burger buns. loaded with all the great benefits of whole grains. How could they not be when they are made from five different kinds of flour! Yep, five! Bread flour, whole wheat flour, cornflour, oat flour, and flaxseed flour.

Ingredients: Milk, egg, butter, salt, brown sugar, bread flour, wheat flour,  cornflour, oat flour, flaxseed flour,  dry yeast, barley malt syrup, flaxseed meal, quinoa.



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